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Prerequisites - Part 1

.NET 6

For Unreal Build Tools to function correctly, you will need to have .NET 6 installed on your system.


Click on the Download x64 button to download the runtime:

Dotnet download

Once you've downloaded the installer, open it and install the runtime.

Visual Studio 2022

To compile the sdk you will need Visual Studio 2022 installed.


A community edition version will suffice. While installing it, make sure to check the following components in the installer:

Visual Studio Installer Options Visual Studio Installer Options 2

Then press continue, and wait for visual studio to install.

Unreal Engine 5.1

After installing Visual Studio, we need to install Unreal Engine.

  1. Open Epic Games Launcher
  2. Head over to Unreal Engine tab
  3. Go into Library tab
  4. Press the Gold to add a new version

Add new Unreal Engine version

  1. You should see a new card appear, with the ability to select an engine version.
  2. Select version 5.1

5.1 Version


Any 5.1 version will work, it doesn't matter if it's 5.1 or 5.1.1


Palworld uses Wwise for its sounds, so we will need to install this too.


Even if you are not planning on making sounds, you still need wwise, otherwise the project will not compile

  1. To install Wwise click Download Audikinetic Launcher Download

Download Audiokinetic Launcher


This will require you to make an account.

  1. After downloading the launcher, install it and login.
  2. Head over to the Wwise tab.
  3. On the bottom left of your screen you should see an Install A New Version Header.
  4. Select 2021.1.11 as your Wwise version and press install

Install A New Version


On the next page, select:

  • SDK (C++)
  • Microsoft -> Windows -> Visual Studio 2022

The selection should look like so:

Install Options

  1. Now press Next, On the plugins page you don't need any, so hit Install!
  2. After installing the Wwise SDK, Head over to the Unreal Engine Tab.
  3. Press the button, and select Offline Integration Files

Offline integration files

  1. In the Integration Version Choose 2021.1.11 for the Wwise version. Set the directory to a memorable location, and hit install!



You will need this directory later, remember where you installed these files.