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Exporting The Project


Make Sure These Two Settings Have Been Enabled EditorPrefExp ProjectSettingsPackaging

  1. Create a Data Asset ( Primary Asset Label ) named after your mod name in your Contents folder. Set the priority to 1, and the Chunk ID to a memorable ID.
  2. Set your Mods (ModActor and any other Assets you are going to include in your mod) Chunk ID to the same you used above.
  3. Go into Project Settings -> Asset Manager and verify your settings are similar below ( Make sure the rules match the primary asset label you made ) AssetsManagerSettings
  4. Once all Chunk ID's match on each mod file you are including, you can package your project Package button
  5. You should have pakchunk{Your Chunk ID}-Windows.pak in the Paks output folder. Rename that to the mod name. There's your packaged mod!
If you only get 'pakchunk0-Windows.pak' instead of your memorable ID

Go into Project Settings -> Packaging
Then tick "Cook everything in the project content directory(ignore list of maps below)"
image (5)


Remember to enable BPModLoader in the Palworld\Pal\Binaries\Win64\Mods\mods.txt for UE4SS